Sunday, March 8, 2009

Inspiring Blog

A few days ago I was killing time surfing the web and I came across a VERY inspiring website, Snippet & Ink. Its a blog devoted to wedding inspiration and I fell in love immediately!!! If my boyfriend knew I spent the next hour and a half pouring over this blog and dreaming of what my wedding day will be like he would probably tuck tail and run!!! But, like many "little girls" out there, I have dreamt of my wedding day since I got my first Bridal Barbie and this blog makes it easy to fantasize. Not only does it offer great inspiration for your wedding day but it also offers great inspiration in the form of the many Inspiration Boards that are posted on the site. When looking at the Inspiration Boards I found myself thinking "Wow! That would be a great color scheme for a room!" Here are some of my faves....

Board #327: Spring Watercolor

Board #341: Mustard & Blue

Board #298: Emerald & Aquamarine

Board #250: Aqua & Poppy